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Yomi Fabiyi’s colleagues lament over his mental disorder after exposing Toyin Abraham’s dark secrets

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Drama Rocks Nollywood, as Yomi Fabiyi, reveals some dark secrets about Toyin Abraham.

Reacting to the fake stunt pulled by Toyin Abraham yesterday,  actor Yomi Fabiyi revealed that Toyin crashed her marriage herself by setting up her ex husband.

You will recall that after the stunt yesterday, Toyin tried to make everyone believe she was ‘joking’ and trying to promote her new movie, same went for Mercy Aigbe who also tried to play along after the fight must have been settled by their handlers.

Apparently it was no publicity stunt as colleague, Yomi Fabiyi has refused to let sleeping dogs lie by calling out Toyin Abraham.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, Toyin Abraham was just bitter because Mercy Aigbe got an endorsement deal even though they are both managed by same PR agency. Here is what he wrote below:

Can she just shut up. Hopefully people can now see clearly my previous positions. Mercy did no wrong. Just the usual EVIL, ENVY, HATE laced with LIES and backed by fake accounts and reckless proxy followers who will soon know better. Is it not the same marriage you crashed yourself by setting the poor guy up and eventually packed out despite sincere pleas. Using failed marriage with your deliberate reckless act to win unnecessary sympathy. Why bring the innocent hardworking lady into this. Now that you hurt her brand badly, you are now claiming it is a joke. You can only fool the gullibles mate.

Is it that hard for you to do, LIVE & LET LIVE. Stop hurting people’s brand on social media, must it be you always. NOW UNA DON SEE WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT. Why lies and pull her down when @realmercyaigbe is getting endorsement and should enjoy her shine. Why is @lauraikeji not getting such attack. WE DO NOT NEED THIS IN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY for christ sake. Thank God I know where my own attacks had been coming from after any good effort or positive trending stories. Gosh!

@iyaboojofespris this babe cannot conceal her evil and usual wickedness. Even if they both share same PR and the guy got Mercy an endorsement, pray and work harder. Instead, just yesterday the company expect the brand ambassador to trend for good she brought out a heavy lies and ruined the party for the poor lady. I have said it severally that it is her way to always device one negative thing or the other directly or indirectly to milk her target reputation down. The sad part is she ride on her gullible follower and choose things that will send those ones after her targets. That madness must stop. The industry doesnt need that. How can Mercy at this level ask they pull a stunt as dirty as that terrible allegation and lies. I refuse to be silent over such evil. We dnt want such. The ones done to me is what I am still dragging in Lagos High Court. Ignore those commenting. Most her innocent or ignorant. I cannot help them now. I am not bothered.

Things however took a massive turn as the actor/film maker refused to be cautioned despite attempts of his colleagues, Iyabo Ojo and Tosin, a.k.a Omo’bri’sh….leading them to lament over his mental health/state.

Check out the drama here;

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