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“Celebrities are not robots; emotional blackmail is no joke” – Yinka Quadri speaks out as he makes a clarion call to Nollywood

Yinka Quadri defends Toyin Abraham

In the wake of Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham getting bullied by Nigerians on social media, veteran actor Yinka Quadri has made a clarion call to Nollywood.

Taking to his Instagram page, he stated that it is high time Nollywood and the entertainment sector unite and have a voice. He stated that they need to tackle false accusations, libel and slander and even possibly hire a legal team.

Yinka noted how emotional blackmail is no joke and how celebrities aren’t robots and also have human feelings.

“It’s high time for Nollywood and the entertainment sector in general to come together and have a voice. We need to tackle false accusations, libel and slander. If possible, we get a legal team.
Emotional blackmail is no joke.
Celebrities are not robots; people need to remember that we are human with feelings too”.

It should be noted that “One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning”.

“To be before warned is to be before harmed”…

Public figures have the right to freedom of choice and of expression, right to vote/or support a candidate of choice in any election… Making political decisions shouldn’t warrant cyberbullying and harassment

Just of recently, a fake report of my death was posted by a toxic person … If I now arrest such an individual and take further action, people will say it’s bully and an abuse of power…

Celebrities are often violated in ways that are considered inhumane and awful.

So, therefore, celebrities should be free to take proper action to protect their mental space…

Kind regards”.

Yinka Quadri defends Toyin Abraham

Recall that since Toyin Abraham’s public support for President Tinubu during the election, the movie star has received backlash from angry Nigerians, especially with the economic downturn.

This week, the filmmaker was mercilessly dragged online and bullied for arresting one of her trolls and leaving him in police custody for some time. One of the trolls came online to accuse the actress of detaining his mother, a claim the actress denied by stating that the said mother refused to leave the police station due to her son’s arrest.

Nigerians had massively reported her to the streaming platform Netflix for her movies to be taken down. A social media had shared a screenshot of his letter to the streaming platform as he urged everyone to follow in his footsteps.

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