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Yinka Quadri advised to do DNA test for his kids as he marks 36th wedding anniversary with wife

Veteran actor Yinka Quadri and his beautiful wife are marking their 36th wedding anniversary today and while many are celebrating them on social media, a fan thinks a DNA test should be done.

Adenike Quadri is the beautiful wife of veteran actor, Alhaji Yinka Quadri and they are blessed with four children, Muyiwa, Yewande, Olajuwon and Folarin Quadri. They are also blessed with grandchildren.

“I am with one wife; we have been together since 1985. But before we got married, I already had a child from someone else. I had a normal wedding ceremony with the woman, but along the line, we discovered we were not compatible. We would stay together in a week, that makes 7 days, we would fight for 5 days and just be friends for 2 days, so we were not compatible and we did that for 5 to 6 years, so our parents decided it was better we went our separate ways. And after she left, I met my wife, Nike in 1985 and we started having kids in 1989 and she is the only woman in my house.” Yinka Quadri once revealed in an interview.

Celebrating his wife by sharing timeline photos of them, Yinka Quadri on Instagram wrote “GOD awesomeness is what I have found in marrying you, my bone and my remote control, thanks for the support you’ve been giving me since 1985 , you made all my projects easy, I pray less because you’ve prayed more, thanks for the care, attention, switching to my religion, for your love, and for our children. I couldn’t have come this far if you fail to understand me, for understanding me, I want to say thank you, for best meals, thank you, for respecting me, thank you, for the loyalty, thank you. Almighty ALLAH, will keep you and keep us safe till the old ages. I LOVE YOU ALHAJA SHADIAT ADENIKE QUADRI”

Only for a fan, Bayo Critic to respond with “Oga I advise you do DNA ooooo , hmmmm since1985. Do DNA Kiakia oooo . Am talking now . Your remote control since 1985. Ok”

Although Yinka Quadri shunned the comment, many of his fans have responded by criticizing the said fellow for being rude, and he responded saying ” so the advise that he should do DNA for all his children from his remote control from 1985 is now bad . I have said my own …..Only you women with guilty conscience are the ones attacking me here because I said the bitter truth.”.

Kemi Filani News reports that the subject of DNA has been making headlines for a few days now following the death of one Tunde Thomas who suffered stroke and never recovered after he found that his two children were not his but belonged to his wife’s boss who is an FCMB manager, Adam Nuru.

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