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“But you dey see dm of babes” Yhemo Lee blasts Rema for saying he never got a chance to see Mohbad’s message



Yhemo Lee attack rema

Since the heartbreaking passing of Mohbad, many celebrities have come forward to express their condolences and share heartfelt messages. Rema was among those who shared their grief, revealing that he had received a message from Mohbad that went unanswered.

However, Rema’s revelation has not been met with sympathy from netizens, who have accused him of ignoring Mohbad’s messages when he was alive and now attempting to gain attention by sharing the unopened message.

Singer Yhemo Lee decided to weigh in on the matter, taking to his social media to address Rema’s actions. He questioned Rema’s priorities, suggesting that if the message had been from a girl, he would have promptly responded. Yhemo Lee’s post implied that Rema had undervalued Mohbad while he was alive but was now attempting to connect with him posthumously.

“Till today I’ve not gotten over this statement from Rema. “I never got to see your dm” lol Mohbad?When no be yongidu. Abi when rema blow Abeg?But you Dey see dm of babes. Eh ya Weyrey gan oh. Bro 1check my request every fucking day!!

Mohbad has had hit songs not or not 2 not 3 not even 5! So no day for this life you heard his music and thought to even check who the artiste is. It’s just like saying you no Dey see Seyi vibez dm.

He might not be an A list artiste but bro he’s not that low man!! Y’II should do better. Grammy oh, bet oh, $70m oh everything no go follow anybody enter grave oh. Shalom!!

But you Dey see zino dm and you Dey comment forhim page.”

As the controversies continue to swirl, Naira Marley’s social media following has experienced a noticeable decline, dropping from 7.4 million to 7 million followers. This dip in popularity suggests that the artist’s association with the ongoing saga has had a tangible impact on his fan base.