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“Why my father, the late Fela Kuti wasn’t a good father” Yeni Kuti (Video)



Yeni Kuti on late Fela Kuti

Media personality, Yeni Kuti has revealed why she doesn’t consider her father, the late Fela Kuti a good father.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Yeni disclosed that though her late father was good in his way, he wasn’t good to her in a conventional sense.

She stated that she felt her father shouldn’t have had children and should have just been a father to the nation.

Explaining better, she said she didn’t feel any special bond that she was Fela’s child, she just felt like another human being to him.

“My father was a good father in his own way…but in the conventional sense, No.

My identity and pride as an African woman, I learned from my Father. So, who I am today was shaped by him but I think as a conventional father. No, I don’t think he should have had children. I think he should have just been a father to all the nation. Didn’t feel any special bond that you were Fela’s are just another human being as long as he was concerned.

When asked if it was painful, she said,

“You could resent it, but I just had to rise above it. But it caused a lot of rift between us. I mean there was a time Femi and Fela quarreled. Of course, Fela quarreled with Femi, Sola, and I. So, if we were going to settle, we will send Femi, you’re the son now, you go settle with your father. If you settle with him, Sola and I will follow”. So, it was different. We didn’t call him Daddy for instance”.

One thing to note about the Kuti family is that they are united despite their blended and polygamous family.

Yeni Kuti, Femi Kuti, and other Kutis declare strong support for Seun Kuti

Kemi Filani reported that The Kutis, including Yeni Kuti, Femi Kuti, Funke Kuti, and Made Kuti, had declared strong support for their brother, Seun Kuti, who was arrested for assault of a police officer.

Yeni Kuti shared a photo of her brother and her nephew, Made, standing for Seun during his court proceedings. Sharing the photos, Yeni revealed they are always united. She wrote, “United we stand!!! @bigbirdkuti @femiakuti @madekuti @funkekut.”

Also, Femi Kuti, during his first concert in France, campaigned for his brother’s release. He claimed he won’t be saying much about his arrest because he did not want to fuel the ire of the police.

“freeseunkuti @femiakuti at his first concert in France! United we stand. One family.”