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“No one deserves moving from Grace to Grass” Wumi Toriola preaches as she takes a stance against revenge

Wumi Toriola kicks against taking revenge

Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has kicked against taking revenge on a person.

In a post on her Instagram page, the mother of one kicked against wishing for the downfall of another because of the wrong they did them.

She noted how “Revenge” to many, is seeing things get worse for people but for her, that’s too much toxicity. She stated that no one deserves to move from Grace to Grass.

Sending a message to those struggling, she prayed for them to find stability and for those who are up, she prayed that they never come down.

“Revenge” to a lot is seeing things get worse for others…
That is too much toxicity…
No one deserves moving from Grace to Grass…
To everyone struggling, may you find stability and to everyone up, you will never go down”.

Wumi Toriola kicks against taking revenge

A month back, Wumi Toriola had sent a warning to critics after she considered reconciling with her ex-husband.

Her post was met with heavy criticism, especially after the allegations her ex made against her, and Wumi made them know that she isn’t their mature public figure as she doesn’t drag it.

She noted how trolls sometimes step on the wrong feet and she isn’t the everyday public figure that wouldn’t react. Wumi reminded them that she was human as she appreciated them for easing her pain.

Last year, Wumi spoke out on her growth, after engaging in a fight with a troll.

The Yoruba star, via her Instagram page, revealed that she has grown so much that she tries to stay off negativity.

She told her colleagues, fans, and followers to either grow with her or avoid her.

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