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“No more middle class, it’s either you are rich or poor” Wumi Toriola laments the hardship in Nigeria

Wumi Toriola

Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has joined the number of celebrities lamenting over the hardship in Nigeria, especially with the hike in fuel.

Taking to her Instagram page, Wumi lamented over how she switches her thoughts about the country. One minute, she is an ambassador of the country, raising hopes in many and the next minute, she feels like relocating.

Wumi noted how middle scrap has been scrapped as it’s either one is rich or poor.

“One minute, I am an ambassador to Nigeria, raising hopes and making people see why it will get better. Another minute, I feel like relocating. E nor clear again ajeh. No more middle class. It’s either you are rich or poor”.

Wumi Toriola says no more middle class

To say I’m broke is an understatement” Biola Bayo cries out in frustration

Similarly, Biola Bayo had cried out in frustration over the hike in fuel.

The businesswoman lamented over how the hike in fuel is affecting her business and has made her frustrated.

She revealed how she bought diesel/petrol for almost 200k in a week without making 200k in 2 weeks or more.

All of this has made her broke and tired, however, she relies on the strength of the Spirit.

“Honestly, I am tired! My tired is even tired. Doing business in Nigeria can be frustrating. Bought Diesel/petrol for almost 200k in a week without making 200k in 2 weeks or more, not to even talk about other expenses.

God knows I’m tired but I receive the strength of the spirit. The Lord is my strength… To say I’m broke is an understatement but it well”.

Kemi Afolabi as she calls out Nigerian government

Joining her, Kemi Afolabi called on the Nigerian government to stop suffocating the citizens.

On Instagram, Kemi Afolabi messaged the government about the rising inflation in the country and how it has affected the cost of living.

The actress decried the hike in the price of everything, which had made the country move from bad to worse, urging the government to have mercy on the masses.

She wrote, “The government wants to suffocate US. There is HIKE IN PRICE OF EVERYTHING in the country situation has gone from bad to worse!!!



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