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World powers prepared to destroy the world but can’t find coronavirus vaccine – Junior Pope

junior pope

Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo has said that world powers are ever prepared with their weapons to destroy the world but can’t find a vaccine to coronavirus.

The actor who took to Twitter also prayed to God to come to the aide of mankind and forgive them so they can get out of the dark moment they are in as coronavirus ravages on.

Junior Pope wrote: “Now That The World Needs Help And To Be Saved, The World Powers Are Running Helter Skelter For Weeks, Months To Find A Vaccine But If It’s To Destroy The World And Put An End To It, They Are All Prepared With Their Weapons…… Why Is It So Easy To Destroy Than To Build????

“Hello God, Are You Out There??? Are You Listening Anymore?? Pls Forgive Your Creation And Come To Our Aid At This Darkest Time…..Heal The Word In Jesus’ Name”.

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