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Women’s day: Linda Ikeji says women are the new wealth creators

Linda Ikeji has advised young girls to work hard because women are the new ersltu creators today. The celebrity blogger made this known in celebration of women’s day.

In a social media post she shared, Linda Ikeji advsied young girls to never allow anyone talk them down concerning acheiving their desires.

She wrote:

“To every young girl out there; believe in yourself. Fight for your dreams. Be the best that you can be! You can be phenomenal. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. Don’t let anyone dim your light. You’re worthy. You’re worth it. You can win. You can be the best! You are the future! Women are the new wealth creators. Be determined to be one of those women. Stand up and be counted. And when you’re done, the world will not only celebrate you, the world will know you were here and you fought a great fight! ❤
Me? I’m just beginning my next level greatness and I want so many of you to join me.
Happy International Women’s Day!


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