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Woman seeks advice concerning her husband who now sleeps in a separate room



A lady has taken to social media to seek advice concerning the situation in her matrimonial home. She anonymously posted on Facebook stating that since she and her husband moved into their new house, a bigger one, he has kept to himself by sleeping in a separate room. This has led to a break in intimacy between them and any little disagreement leads to a quarrel that lasts for months.

Read her post below and do leave a comment to advice her on what to do.


”In the past 18months or more my husband has always clamored to have his private space as in have his own room. This never sat well with me but we moved to a bigger house 8months ago and he talked me into just keeping all my stuff in my own room but that has been the beginning of some sort of separation. I would call it separation because he locks his door after him. If I step away, I would need to knock to get in. “Leave my room” has become a very common phrase at the slightest disagreement and I have too much self dignity to want to refuse so i find myself alone in my room 95% of the time.

He is an Xbox addict even though he works so you can imagine what this is doing to our closeness.
I have tried to talk about this separate room thing and even quarreled and appealed but he won’t just listen.

We have lost intimacy and little argument now spirals into full blown days of malice.

I really wonder if men want their space to this extent

I have a baby and he made sure her crib was mounted in my room even though we agreed it will be in the matrimonial bed so you can imagine what my nights are like.
What do I make of this.

I want men to advice me. Maybe men can see it differently.
Candid advice

Let me mention that I always have to clean up after him so it’s not the women are scatter issue .
He conveniently forgets his keys at the door when the room is messy because he know I will see it and clean up”.

woman seeks advice

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