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19 year old Woman found holding her eyeballs, resists help

A 19 year old woman found outside a church reportedly gouges out her own eyeball inside her hand, a development which has stunned many as authorities reveal she was seen attending the service before carrying out the rather absurd act.

Eye witness said they saw the woman remove one eyeball by jamming her fingers down the side.

The woman who was obviously in pain resisted any medical help as she removes yet again the second eye ball shocking eye witnesses who tried to intervene however she was overpowered by two  or three deputies and two medical workers.

A retired minister of the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center who helped the woman, Rev. Terry Mitchell, says it appeared she had intentionally hurt herself on nearby railroad tracks while the sheriff’s office says deputies responded to assist emergency medical workers , and no crime was committed.

After the woman was airlifted to the hospital, the church held a debriefing to counsel those who had seen what happened.

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