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“People abroad can’t be sending you money all the time” Woli Arole makes a passionate appeal to entitled Nigerians

Woli Arole appeals to entitled Nigerians

Nigerian comedian turned prophet, Bayegun Oluwatoyin better known as Woli Arole has made an appeal to Nigerians on behalf of those living overseas.

Taking to his Instagram page, the prophet stated that those working overseas can’t be sending money all the time as he noted how they are overworking themselves.

He appealed to them to appreciate the little they sent them, stop being ungrateful, and pray for them.

“People in Nigeria please I am speaking on behalf of those abroad, they can’t be sending you money all the TIME. They are working their ass OUT. When they send the little one they have, appreciate it.
Pray for them. Don’t be ungrateful”.

Woli Arole appeals to entitled Nigerians

Many took to his comment section to appreciate him for the appeal as they shared their story with entitled family members.

One Mz Mogaji wrote, “My sister left this group. Even when I send, she’ll never appreciate in her tone “kilo sher na” meaning what have you done that someone else has not done? It is well thou

One Sheyhun Temi wrote, “This particular post should be posted every 3 market days

One Rachel Bose Official wrote, “U’ve spoken well sir. People abroad should learn how to set boundaries and block some lines too. It’s not easy anywhere

One Mewase Abolaji wrote, ‘Spoken well is an understatement, sir

One Mr. G. Adams wrote, “Entitlement mentality, and has made a lot of people become a liability. We thank God for the privilege to give

One Ay Gold Fabric wrote, “Whether you are Naija or abroad, people should learn to be grateful”.

Early this year, Woli Arole revealed the major mistake to avoid in 2024.

The prophet, via his Instagram page, advised his followers to avoid giving everyone their attention and to avoid responding to everybody and everything.

He added that some things are out there just to drain them, hence, the need to have a thick skin and ignore things.

Last year, Woli Arole dished out some words of advice to the public about being careful of their clique.

The skitmaker opined that when people show you hatred, pride, and evil, you should reciprocate by showing them love, humility, and goodness, and never allow people to turn them into monsters.

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