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‘Without even seeing the script, Kemi Adetiba put panic in me’ Sola Sobowale shares experience of ‘King Of Boys’ sequel

Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones

Veteran Nollywood actress Sola Sobowale has narrated her experiences before and during the ‘King Of Boy’ sequel production.

In an interview with PulseNG, Sola said when Kemi Adetiba called her about the movie production, she turned it down, saying she has touched every angle of the movie, adding there was nothing again to write about the story.

Sola Sobowale said that without seeing the script, Kemi Adetiba made her afraid, considering the standard the first movie had attained. Hence she was worried about how she was going to supersede the first production.

In her words: Kemi said she wanted to do another one, and I said, kemi..what is it that you want to write again because I thought you touched all corners. I thought you touched all the stones, so what are you writing again Kemi.

Then she [kemi] went, ”aah aunty sola; you have to do this”, Kemi was calling every day.

Without even seeing the script, kemi put panic in me. I was like, what do you want me to do again. How am I going to supersede? K.O.B part one had already set the bar high, so how do I pass that.

And she kept echoing in my ears every time my phone rings that aunty sola, you have to do this, you just have to, and I replied, okay, I would talk to you later. I was like, Kemi, what are you doing to me? I then requested for the script.

This return of the king, I know that it has taken me to another level completely. People would see this and see another Sola Sobowale. I said to kemi, I said kemi Adetiba, you’ve created an empire.

She made each and every one of us work and operate in another frequency. That is what she did. I’m not going to say much. I’m just going to wait for people to watch and see what God made Kemi Adetiba to create. Thank you.

When questioned on how she prepares for the very intense and emotional scenes in the series, exchange of conversation with her younger self and how she recovered?

Sola replied to her saying, ” I said to Kemi, whenever I am working, and I can feel that this is Sola Sobowale working, that I’m not performing, I’m doing zero. But when I am working, and my legs aren’t on the ground.’

You could even say they’re afloat. Kemi Adetiba knows… I float when I work. I am in another realm when I work. It’s true if you ask me, there are some scenes in K.O.B even in other movies if you tell me to go back and do

It, there’s no way I would. What you just asked me is one of those scenes. That was why I mentioned before that when working with directors, the directors must know the actor/actress that he or she is working with.

For that, Kemi understands me very well, and she knows when to cut. She knows when to leave me. I remember a particular scene I did that after. I couldn’t get out of it. After the cut and I was still there on the spot, and it.

It took quite a while for me to come out of it. Kemi came to me, rubbing my back, but I was there, I couldn’t get out, so if you say Sola go back to that and redo it, there’s no way.

Me, I thank God, I can’t explain how I do it at all. I don’t know myself.

I remember when they were quoting, and I went into the room, someone put on the TV probably for me not to get bored, and I saw K.O.B the return, and I was so amazed I couldn’t believe it was Sola Sobowale on the

Screen, I was seeing somebody else. Then Kemi came in, and to my surprise, she was even recording me. I said Kemi, what is this. This is me.

So my darling, I don’t know how to explain how I do it. I don’t know how to explain everything that I’ve been doing and how I would do it in the future, but I give God the glory, and I thank you guys for embracing it, for loving everything I do

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