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‘With me you will never lack any sexual pleasure’ – Speed Darlington tells Tonto Dikeh

Speed Darlington

Instagram comedian and rapper, Speed Darlington has reached out to Tonto Dikeh over her recent explosive interview where she described her ex-hubby, Olakunle Churchill as a ’40-seconds man’.

Speed Darlington who has always had a crush on Tonto Dikeh siezed the opportunity to tell the actress he’s a better option and with him she’ll ‘never lack any sexual pleasure’.

In his words, ‘you will never lack any sexual pleasure with me that’s my word don’t worry about the background I’m making a song I just finished recording my latest “Akamu” I record at home and that’s why background look super attractive; but concentrate on the mental picture.

Picture how I will have you shaking like leaf, not sure if I can give you Lamborghini but I will make sure you are satisfied I don’t cheat that’s one thing I can tell you for sure.”

It would be recalled that Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has been trending everywhere since she uploaded a video on YouTube hours ago, speaking ill of her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Interestingly, it apears the actor is doing all of this to make money!

Tonto Dikeh’s YouTube channel, “King Tonto Dikeh” has garnered about 8,000 subscribers within a few hours of the videos she released.

The videos meant to address her crashed marriage have gained huge views and that’s huge money for Tonto from Youtube.

The first video which she titled, “The Evidence 1” has 63,000 views, the second “The Evidence 2” has 74,000 views and the last one “The Evidence 3” has gained 38,000 views.

In the videos Tonto said different things, accused him of being deceitful, being a diabolic Yahoo boy and she also said he couldn’t last more than 40 seconds in the bed that the highest he went was 1 minute that led to their son.

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