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“Why you should stop telling your friends about your s*x life with your partner” – Rapper Erigga

Rapper Erigga has recently taken to the C platform to advice women on a specific mistake they must never make.

He revealed that wkmen should abstain from. Talking about their sexual life with their boyfriends with their girlfriends. He revealed that divulging your intimate affairs with your friends might make them want to try out your man for themselves.

“Dear ladies stop telling ur friends that ur boyfriend can kanck and sOk

If you don’t stop they will taste ur boyfriend’]”

He revealed that a good man cooks for his wife while she watches the world. This tweet sparked a lot of speculation from netizens, especially between men who were married. 

While some agreed with his somewhat humorous statement, others countered his tweet. In September of 2023, Rapper Erriga had also advised men to stop chasing women.

A few months back, the controversial artist who said “it is a terrible time to be chasing girls” did not offer a specific reason for his advice, but many speculate that the economic concerns in Nigeria may have been a major factor behind his message.

The rapper’s remark also comes at a time when economic challenges in Nigeria have been on an astounding high. In Nigeria, “chasing girls” is often associated with spending money on them and perhaps this advice is meant for the men to reassess their priorities and spending habits.

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