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‘Why you should stop judging people’ Actress Sotayogaga

Tayo Sobola

Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola popularly known as Sotayogaga, has advised people to mind the business that pays them instead of interfering in other people’s lifestyle.

In a post shared on Instagram, the actress reiterates she’s not going to live her life to please anyone and does not owe anyone an explanation of how she lives her life because nobody is promised tomorrow.

The actress said it’s important for people to live their lives happy, bearing in mind that death is inevitable, and the moment one drop dead, it over.

Sotayo warns those in the habit of judging others to desist from such an act before the wrath of God falls on them, adding they should start minding their business and leave other people to live the way they want.

She wrote: I’ve always said something since I lost my mother. I am not gonna live my life for anyone. I will live the life that I choose to live and make sure I do not owe anyone an explanation!! Nobody is promised tomorrow.

Just know that whatever life you live, one day, you are surely gonna die! And the moment you die, it’s over. Live your life… be happy,,, do whatever makes you happy not what makes you feel less of yourself. Life is too short.

If you are one of the souls that judge people, stop it today before the wrath of God falls on you. Stop judging other people, start minding your business, leave people to live their lives the way they want!!

I just hate it when I see people that I know lose their lives. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in Peace. Yes, I say so!!!

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