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Why you must kneel to thank anyone that gives you food in Nigeria — Actress Lucy Ameh laments

Lucy Ameh on food

Seasoned actress Ameh lucy has disclosed why you must kneel to thank anyone that gives you food in Nigeria as she cries out over the spike in the cost of food stuff.

Ameh lucy via her Instastories shared videos of the small portion of tomatoes and pepper she purchased for N1500 as against the quantity she would have gotten before now.

Lamenting, Ameh began by beckoning on her followers to always show appreciation when they are fed by anyone in Nigeria because the exorbitant cost of food items in Nigeria is disturbing and discouraging.

‘Omo if you go to anybody’s house and they give you food kindly knee down and say thank you because 6 pieces of tomatoes, 3 pieces of tatashe and some pieces of atarodo is now N1500″, she lamented.

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Earlier today, singer Djinee cried out over the current state of the Nigeria after being frustrated by Lagos traffic amidst the recent heavy down pour of rain. He lamented that one has to possess a higher level of reasoning to know that money doesn’t increase your quality of life in Nigeria.

Recounting his experience in a traffic that lasted over 9 hours, Djinee said even the ‘rich’ with their ‘benzes & ranges’, were all as frustrated like everyone else in traffic as they all lost their productive time.

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