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Why my face always looks unapproachable – Actor Jigan Babaoja spills

jigan baba oja

Nollywood actor and comedian, Abimbola Kazeem, popularly known as Jigan Baba Oja has reveled why his face always looks unapproachable.

Recounting his teenage days, the comic actors disclosed he has a always been a victim of physical bully and got cheated because of his disability. Hence, creating an unapproachable face made people not to mess with him due to his condition.

Sharing a post via his Instagram page, the actor said those close to him know him for his simplicity even though he is always carrying a serious face.

Jigan added that he is a simple and easy going person for those that are unwilling to approach him because of his unapproachable face. Although, his other side is disastrous when his simplicity is being taken for granted.

He wrote:

When I was growing up as a teenager, I got bullied, cheated , and some took advantage of my condition and messed with me reasons why my face always looks unapproachable, But when you move close to me you’ll discover that I am simple and easy going. My simplicity is super fantastic. But, if you wanna take my simplicity for granted, you’re gonna see the other side of me. Mind you, the other side of me might be disastrous.

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