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Why Life is like Eba – Reality tv star Phyna shares

In a recent development, Phyna has taken to the X platform to liken life to a particular African food, Eba. 

In the X platform, she compared the dynamic of life to the making of Eba.

She revealed that that only people who have Garri can actually make it. 

In her words, she stated,

“Life is like Eba, only those who have garri can make it.l

However, a particular netizen had been left baffled by her analogy and had wanted further clarification. The fan asked her about people who have garri but do not have the gas to turn into Eba. 

She advised him to look for a way to make fire, either by using stones or using firewood to ignite the fire.

Now recall that just a few minutes ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Phyna had responded to a troll who called her out for hiding her knuckles in the picture. 

The troll had hinted at the fact that she was hiding her knuckles because they were not attractive to look at. Phyna had immediately cursed the troll out as she expressed that his destiny will also be hidden. 

Earlier today, Phyna had slammed an X-platform user who called her out for disrespecting Davido. This X-platform user had also labelled her an ex-convict which obviously irked Phyna. Phyna resorted to going on  a mini video rant where she not only insulted this X-platform user but also insulted his parents.

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