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Why Indimi’s Daughter, Rahmayi can never enter Babangida’s house to see her kids again (photos, details)

For Rahmayi, daughter of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, her divorce from Mohammed Babangida, the first son of former Nigerian military Head Of State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) has not only deleted her name from the Minna’s most powerful family records but cost her two kids which she can never have access to.
Recall that the 14-year-old marriage crumbled like a pack of badly stacked cards and it led to a battle for the custody of their four children.

The judgment afterwards allowed two kids to remain with her and the other two with her ex-husband, Mohammed.

Rahmayi can never enter Babangida’s house

If Rahmayi was pained, she always reveals this whenever the two kids who aren’t with her are having their birthdays.
Such occasion arose recently and the pretty daughter of Mohammed Indimi put up this post on her Instagram page:

Rahmayi can never enter Babangida’s house
Rahmayi can never enter Babangida’s house

“It is my baby’s birthday today. It has been two years plus now since I last saw you.It simply hurts everyday not seeing you, not knowing how you are. Do you miss me? Do you remember me? Do you think of me? That is the question I ask myself every day.At least I get a glimpse of you when random people send me pictures of you. My love, you are my everything, you and your brother are my everything. Your sister and brother miss you terribly. They pray so hard to see you. We all pray so hard to one day see you, touch you, feel you and kiss you. The fight is not over yet but there is God. Allah (SWT)is all knowing he knows. Allah (SWT) is all seeing and he sees. Keep being strong for one day all these will pass in shaa Allah. I love you with my every being. Allah yaraya ke my baby that is not so much a baby anymore.I hear you are very tall now, just don’t pass me as you are still my baby. Don’t grow too fast, as I still want to be that part of your life when growing up. Mama loves you. Happy birthday my love. This is the war that I know I’m fighting. May Allah answer our prayers. Ameen yarabb. The pain…… Ya Allah give me the strength to endure this pain and I pray Ya Allah for no one to go through this pain.(sic)
War? Is the dark-skinned beauty fighting the Babangida family? Why has she been denied access to these kids despite being their mum?
A source close to the Babangida disclosed that Rahmayi would never visit her kids with Mohammed because she“messed the whole arrangement up, leading to the total breakdown of the marriage that produced four loving children.”

According to sources, Indimi’s daughter knew why she would not be welcomed by her ex’s family. They were surprised that Rahmayi could not visit the baby at home “if indeed she didn’t have anything to hide and if she has good records with her ex-in-laws.”

A follower, in the comment section, had written, “Happy birthday to the cute little girl. She surely looks like you.But Rahama, have you ever explored the possibility of seeing her rather than this social media stuff? I remember you went through this online last year. These kids were borne out of love, why the fight in the first instance. Custody fight have always been anything but palatable to kids. As someone who knows about that home, you walked away from it and you were not sent packing. The doors to your kids are wide open to you and you know what to do to have unfettered access to them. Again, as I said last year, coming online to show emotions may not help in the long run, neither would it help your child. We feel for you but, you also need to do the right thing You have two kids with you who have not seen their father for two years. The pains and feelings are likely to be mutual.”

Just as she posted her daughter’s birthday and whipped up much sentiments, Rahma also posted her step sister, Hauwa’s pre-wedding photos and advised her on how to keep her marriage intact.

Rahmayi wrote: “My dearest baby sis, when you sent me these lovely pictures I wasn’t sure to post it immediately or wait til the last minute (as I didn’t want to jinx it) I wish you all the best and happiness you can get out of your union. You have always been a good and quite young lady. Always listening to advise and making use of it. Well my advice for you is never go to bed angry, communication is key and he is always right obey and respect your husband. Do not tell anyone your issues. Be the best person that I know you to be. Always here for you I love you to the moon and back. May Allah bless your union. Ameen yarabb.”

Not a few wondered why Rahmayi did not observe all these virtues, while she was still married to Mohammed Babangida, who they said did all he could to save the marriage. Many northern blogs who reposted Rahmayi’s ‘marriage counselling’ had many comments on their blogs.
Not a few who came across the message, wondered when Rahmayi became a marriage counsellor overnight.
It is pertinent to add that all efforts made by the Babangidas to salvage the marriage, which produced four children, failed woefully as Rahmayi reportedly insisted on going her separate way. She was alleged to have packed out of her matrimonial home even, when her husband and her in-laws were making effort to settle the marital rift between her and her estranged husband.

Source: Kemi Ashefon

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