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Why i won’t endorse products they use to ‘hold’ a man-Cindy Okafor


Former Big Brother housemate, Cindy Okafor has said that she won’t be making New Year resolutions in 2022.

In a chat with Kemi Filani News, the social media influencer said: “I used to believe in New Year resolutions but the truth is that that is the first thing you will break. I won’t be making any New Year resolutions but I will be making a few changes. Especially in my love life, in my relationship approach. I feel like I am too nice, too understanding, too trusting and that doesn’t always end well for me.My relationship life needs adjustment and I know exactly what to do to make sure that it’s better moving on”.

Asked if there is a brand she won’t bother endorsing as an influencer, she said: “There is just one category I think I will not endorse. That will be products that they use to ‘hold a man’. Those products that sounds a little fetish. I won’t endorse such. No hate on the people who do that.I don’t understand why people will advertise products they don’t use. If you don’t use it, why advertise it? Why tell other people to buy? For me a brand has to send the product so that I can use it for at least one week to know if it actually works even if I haven’t been using it before. As an influencer you need to promote products you use or products you are open to using”.

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