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Why I went unclad to mark my birthday – Uche Ogbodo speaks, blasts Eniola Badmus

Few days ago,  Nollywood actress and mother of one, Uche Ogbodo shocked many by going full blast nude to celebrate her birthday on social media.

As expected, the pictures triggered a flood of comments, criticisms and condemnations.

Her colleague, Eniola Badmus  also slammed her over the X-rated photos she posted to mark her birthday.

In a chat Ogbodo said she expected the negative comments, throwing more light on what actually inspired her controversial nude birthday pictures, she said: “My birthday photo-shoot are always  inspired by my mood. 

Usually an artist needs to have photo-shoots every now and then , but because I’m always really busy all through the week, I find it really important to use my birthday shoot to make up for others.

“This year’s shoot was inspired by my total body change. I’m so happy that I was able to achieve my banging body without going under the knife. It took a lot of hard work and determination to do that. So I am super grateful to the universe for adorning me with beauty when people thought it was impossible.”

When asked if she’s not worried serious minded men would steer off her, after seeing her full naked body online, Uche is of different opinion.”I don’t think so. A guy that wants you , wants you regardless. Besides I’m not living my life for guys. I love myself so much. I do what makes me happy so long as no one is affected in a bad way. So I don’t think it might steer off the kind of man I’m praying for in my life.

I don’t expect people to know the true meaning I did what I did because they aren’t me. They aren’t inside of my emotions or my soul to know the reason behind the spur. So it’s expected that they will have different reasons or excuses for my actions. But regardless, I love my fans a lot and will never stop surprising them”.

On Eniola Badmus’ body shaming, Uche added : ‘She needs help. She is just bitter”.

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