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‘Why I want meet Destiny Etiko’ – Amara Maduka spills

Nollywood actress Amara Maduka has opened up on why she would love to meet and possibly work with her colleague, Destiny Etiko.

In a recent interview, the Anambra State born movie star said, “I look forward to meeting with Destiny Etiko though.  Not necessarily for work but just to hug her for being a sweet person. I observe and love people from a distance. I don’t even follow her anywhere but she has my love for no reason.”

On her take on her Nollywood colleagues washing their dirty linen in public, especially on Instagram, Maduka said she sees nothing wrong as people have different ways of expressing themselves, but she is not wired for such.

She said, “I understand them. People deal with things differently. Some people love to explain themselves to the world and that’s okay. Some live for the validation, which is good for them too. Whatever works for a person. Who really cares though? Not me.”

Amara Maduka who said she doesn’t want to get married or have a kid gave her reasons for such decisions.

Hear her: “Not all of us are here to marry and make babies and that’s okay. I’m not interested in babies or marriage. I think of it this way, if we are all having kids, who will help raise the ones in the streets? People don’t even adopt anymore. Everyone just wants to have kids but getting pregnant and having a baby doesn’t make you a good mother though.”

“People think that I must be stubborn as a child but I don’t characterize myself as stubborn. I know I have a strong will and my own mind but I’m not stubborn. Stubborn people are dumb; in my opinion. They hold onto that “I am stubborn” mentality and even when they are making the obviously wrong choice, they won’t heed any advice as opposed to people like me. If you lay the cards on the table and convince me that you’re making sense, I don’t argue nor hesitate to change my mind on the issue. I think that’s the difference between being stubborn and having your a strong will. I went to a boarding school so I didn’t really spend much time being at home to bond but the little times in-between holidays and visiting days were very dear to me.”

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1 Comment

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