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‘Why I prefer money to love’ – Peju Johnson reveals

Busty Nollywood actress Peju Johnson has opened up on her soft side. Ms. Johnson, who is is never afraid of showing off are cleavages on the gram, recently made her choice between sex, love, and money.

“Money comes first for me because money will not wake up one day and break my heart (laughs). Moreover, I don’t even like sex. So, it is money all the way for me. For now, there’s no man in my life. In fact, it’s complicated. So, I’m still single,” she told The Sun News.

Now that big boobs and backside have become the new beauty, will Peju Johnson consider going under the knife to enhance vital parts of her body? The movie star says, “Never! I have no reason to. I’m so contented with my body. I am Teamnatural. I think drinking lots of water, exfoliating, moisturizing, and minding my business, give me the glow. And I don’t stress on things I can’t change. I let things go when it’s about to stress me.”

The light-skinned movie also expressed her pains and gains of being in the limelight.

She said, “Well, the best part is probably seeing myself on the TV and smiling. So far, acting is what I love to do. And I’m thankful I’m able to achieve that. I’m not where I wish to be yet, but gradually. It’s a process. For the negative side? The stress that comes with acting and the loss of freedom of movement. In addition to the negative comments that fans sometimes drop on my social media platforms are most embarrassing.”

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