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Why I married AY Comedian, 2 years after observing him – Mabel Makun

Mabel Makun

Despite the rumours of marital crisis rocking the marriage of popular comedian, Ayo Makun, aka AY and his pretty wife, Mable, they have both bounced back stronger and better.

In a recent chat, Mabel, the mother of one revealed that she decided to marry AY because of his enterprising nature. She said, “When it comes to relationships, I like to take my time to study people. From a distance, you can tell that I am a bit reserved. I like to study people and know if that is the kind of person I can cope with. I like to have conversations with the person to see if we align. It took me about two years to study him, having spent time with him. As friends, I used to travel with him. Along the line, I realised he is very hard working and focused. He did not have so much then, but he was content with the little he had. He is a kind of person that likes to take things one step at a time. I saw that in him as well and liked it.”

Mabel also advised ladies to always ask questions before starting relationships. She said, “Ask questions— what are you doing presently? What are your plans for the future? What are your plans for me?”

AY Complimenting his better half, AY said, “She is not the type that wants to be out there for any reason. In her line of work, she can give you 100 per cent. I am in show business and I know I have a very beautiful wife. Even if I feel like I don’t know, there are people around me who would confirm it to me. I go to events and many times, the focus is off me, who is even the entertainer, (and shifts to my wife)”.

Speaking further, AY noted that he initially did not understand the concept of being married. He added, “I did not understand the concept of going into marriage. A lot of people kept saying I got married early because they did not know my age at the time. I will be 50 this year too.”

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