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“Why I had a secret wedding, how I hurt my mum, my unpleasant childhood…” Uche Jumbo tells it all in new interview

Uche Jumbo wedding

Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer, Uche Jombo in a very recent interview with Thecla Wilkie, opened up on issues bothering marriage, work and lifestyle. She said ALOT!

I was able to write out some of the major things she said but you can still watch the 23minutes video (HERE).

On why she married Rodriguez secretly “It wasn’t about protecting myself actually, I did it to protect him because he is of a different culture…he didn’t know anything about Nollywood and how the media goes crazy over it, I’m used to it but he’s not so I didn’t want a situation where he has his life all thrown all over the media, I wanted it to be a gradual process for him”

On growing up, she said “I wasn’t an esay child, I was very way-ward, as a matter of fact I was the black sheep of the family and everyone believed that I would be the first child to soil the family name by getting pregnant at a tender age…” oh,  she paused here and apologized to her mum for giving her a hard time back then and then she begged God not to give her
a child like her.
“Honestly I don’t want a child like me, I ran away from home at 14years…the joy of it now is that my mum is happy now, she’s glad that I am no longer that difficult person I used to be” Aww!

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