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‘Why I don’t like female friends’ Actress Bukola Kiitan spills

Kiitan Bukola

Fast-rising Yoruba actress Bukola Kiitan has revealed why she likes keeping at a distance and avoids female friends among her colleagues.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Bukola Kiitan said that if someone hurts her and she distances herself from such person, it doesn’t mean she is keeping grudges but only staying on her lane for sanity sake.

Bukola said she is the type of person that gets hurt efficiently, and when she is angry, she does not overlook things, especially if she likes the person so much.

According to the actress, it is easy to argue with male friends and settle, but ladies will always take it to another level, and she does not want problems.

She wrote: Note please: You hurt me I distance myself or stop talking to you does not mean I have anything against you
or am keeping grudges with you. Am just tryna stay on my lane for my sanity.

Am the type that gets hurt easily, when am angry I don’t know how to overlook things especially if you are someone
I like a lot, I will want to say my mind so I can be fine, I might say what am not suppose to say, that is why I love to keep to myself.

It’s easy to argue with male friends and we settle it but ladies will always take it to another level, that that’s why I love male friends, I don’t want girls wahala, it’s not pride it is self-respect.

Kiitan Bukola
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