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Why I always wear Red and White – Debola Williams



debola williams

Adebola Williams is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist and motivational speaker who is always wearing white kaftans and red caps, has now revealed why.

The newly married 35 year old Debola Williams in a recent chat with actress Mercy Johnson in her cooking show, Mercy’s Menu disclosed he has lost count of the number of white outfits and red caps that he has in his closet.

“Everything we do communicates, the way we dress, the way we speak and carry ourselves….and one of our problems is that we don’t have a strong foundation in our identity so we waiver with every doctrine that i wanted to begin to symbolize the sense and the pride in who we are and in what we do so that is why I’m always dressed like this everywhere, in different continents…sending a message of who we are…so i say to myself i carry the blessing and body of my people….at first i wanted red and color, red is my company logo…i tried red and black but i felt it was very loud so i tried white and it spelt confidence so i stuck with it” Debola Williams explained.

Last month, the wedding of former Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s beautiful daughter, Kenny and her beau, Adebola Williams, shut down Lagos.

The event took place at the prestigious Balmoral event Centre inside the Federal Palace Hotel Victoria Island Lagos on Saturday, 07 August 2021.