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Why I admire ladies that did cosmetic surgery –Wale Ojo

 Nollywood actor Wale Ojo who recently make his directorial debut with the Movie, Don’t Get Mad Get Even has expressed his view on Cosmetic Surgery.
According to him, although he prefers to see his ladies on their natural looks, but he as well admires those that flaunt their ‘cosmetic body’.
He said: “It’s a huge business and women are very particular about their looks. I prefer the natural looks though. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery. If I see it, I will admire and that’s it.”
Apart from his talent and amiable personality, Wale Ojo has a knack for constantly improving in his craft.
The popular actor, also spoke  on his planning to go a step further by producing an action movie.
He said, “My next movie is going to be an action film. I will shoot in parts of Lagos that many have never seen before. I visited some slummy parts of Lagos recently, and I was shocked that people knew me in such places. Those are the people I want to make movies for.. Nollywood is growing and rising, and it is a very interesting rise. I am getting to a stage where I will be directing more of my own films. We are going to use cinema as a tool to entertain more of our people and also inform them. I believe cinema is a great tool for social change.”

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