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Why actresses snatch each other’s men – Debbie Shokoya

debbie shokoya

Upcoming actress Debbie Shokoya in a recent chat with Sunday Scoop has addressed the controversy of female celebrities snatching one another’s partners.

Blaming Nigerian Men, Debbier Shokoya said “I do not like to judge issues like that, because I don’t know what transpired between all the parties concerned. I only get to read what is posted online. However, it is not nice when people generalise issues because we are not cut from the same cloth. If someone did something does not mean all actresses are the same. In most cases, men are even to be blamed. We should not judge these ladies. A man was asking me for a relationship and was also wooing three of my colleagues. When I found out, I was shocked. What if I had accepted his proposal, how would I have found out about his other ladies?

“Men could be cunning and I advise ladies to be smart. There is nothing like actresses are snatching people’s husbands. Most times, these guys pretend to be single. It’s is normal to fall in love with someone that one is comfortable with. Unfortunately, if one is a victim, one’s story would be all over the place. Meanwhile, the lady was not even aware of his marital status. Does that qualify one as a husband snatcher?”

Shokoya also noted that most people only shared their successes online but hid their failures for fear of criticisms. She said, “It is true that an actor’s life is not as rosy as it looks on social media. Even motivational speakers have their personal problems. That is why I try not to brag or post about what I do not have. I concentrate more on my work and avoid flaunting (material things). Being myself makes me more comfortable. A lot of people talk about their riches on social media but they are going through hell because of some challenges. Some cannot even discuss their problems with people. Most people only share their successes online. They don’t share their failures for fear of criticisms. I wish fans would know that actors are not perfect. They are people who also have happy and sad times.

“As an actress, I would not do anything irresponsible, because I have responsible parents. I would not do anything that does not project me in good light. For instance, I cannot go naked just because I’m an actor. If I have issues with some roles, I would talk about it with the director.”

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