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” Who tell you say na good b*t*h I de find” – Spyro addresses concerns about his crush for Nengi

Spyro recounts encounter with Nengi

Singer Spyro has come out with another video concerning his crush Nengi, and he has a message for Nigerians this time around.

In his video, Spyro said that after he posted a picture of himself and Nengi wearing matching outfits, there were a lot of comments, which centered around him and Nengi not being a good match because he publicly practices his Christianity, while Nengi doesn’t.

Spyro went on to question the concerned citizens as to whether he had ever told them that he was looking for a ‘good girl’. He said that if he’s looking for a good girl, he knows where to find such a person.

The singer chastised Nigerians, when he said that a lot of them would be shocked on judgement day, because there is no certainty as to whether he’s more religious than her.

After that, he heaped a lot of praises on Nengi, stating that she’s beautiful, calm and collected, which is why he likes her, alongside her physical attributes.

Going forward, Spyro extended an invite to Nengi, so she could accompany him on his tour in Canada, without paying a dime from her pocket. He also said that if she doesn’t have a visa, they’ll work something out.

Spyro has been going on about his crush for Nengi for a hot minute, and even though he hasn’t gotten a response, he doesn’t seem discouraged by that fact.

Netizens in the comment section of his post we’re having a ball, as a lot of them were mocking him, while others seemed irked by the fact that he made his intentions public.

onome_bae wrote, “For someone that constantly backlash sexy girls, for wearing bikinis, tattoos & BBL so na dsame exact tin dey hungry u? Oga go find Moses bliss spec”

mmesomauche wrote, “Nengi is such a private person so this alone nah disqualification”

bollybee2018 wrote, “Nengi hard o, if you see wetin she make Ozor eyes see for house ehn”

anmaybits wrote, “She’s a beauriful gal with gud addidude no doubt but you sef rest”

shes_precious wrote, “Spyro’s spec is obviously a Cardi b body shape with a touch of mercy chinwo character”

eniola_sarah wrote, “Enter her Dm and stop stressing us jare, na small thing Dey vèx me ooo. Mtcheeew”

mr_dicksons wrote, “I hope you all are seeing how he is using his time and money he for make more music dey pursue woman Next 10yrs now one blogger will post him make we help am say something later happen”

preetty_bee wrote, “Nengi will never date him because of this approach. He should ask OZO. Girls like Nengi likes hard guys, guys that doesn’t give a f about them.i am also like that.”

miss_cassieblingz wrote, “Dm her na.. Wetin come concern us inside this your plenty talk”

blackish.bridalfans wrote, “We hardly see men appreciate women publicly lately. He’s bringing us the good old days love vibe n if he means well…Nengi we are happy for you”

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