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Who Jah bless, no man can curse – Bishop Okon Lagos fights for Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele Apologises

Joining other Celebrities who had in one way or the order added their voices to the arrest and prosecution of Funke Akindele and her husband, JJC Skill, Nollywood actor, Okon Lagos has taken to Instagram to drop a lengthy note.

Okon charged Nigerians who literary made sure Funke was brought to book, to use same energy and tackle other illness of the society, adding that after all, who God has blessed no man can curse.

He shared the photo above and wrote, “Yes NOBODY is above the law also, NOBODY is above mistakes. Yesterday and a day before in the social media space i have seen lots of “perfect” people. People who had never, have currently not and will definitely never break both divine and secular laws…people that even if Jesus himself were to appear live today and say just as he did with the adulterous woman, “he without sin cast the first stone”, they would still proceed to stone both the woman and Jesus. I’m so loving this perfectly legal, morally unblemished and flawless Nigerian society. May this trend be copied and pasted in all spheres of our National lives strictu-sensu without sacred cows. For all of you who mischievously lie in wait for successful people to slip so you can kick them hard when they are down, I deem it necessary to make you reflect on this rhetoric: When a land kills all her giants, who fights for them in their days of adversity? You who tagged every single authority on social media to ensure @funkejenifaakindele is stripped off her endorsements, are you all going to be filled in as her replacements? Funny as it seems these are the same people that will still fake up the love and support if tomorrow she bags an Oscar or gets say a Microsoft endorsement or wins a Nobel laureate. She slipped, we all do. She apologized making no defenses, that’s humility and virtue but in her humility she was humiliated not necessarily by the law or its enforcement agents, after all she pleaded guilty, but by the holy saints among us on social media who decided to hound her and drag the attention of the state to the matter. I’ve Learnt my lessons, while knowing of a fact that @funkejenifaakindele and @jjcskillz shall come out of this stronger, bigger and better. After all, according to 2baba “ Who Jah bless, no man curse”. 

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