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“Where the f**k you de” – Davido’s ex-girlfriend Nina quizzes him as she arrives in Jamaica

Davido’s ex-girlfriend Nina has come out once again to taunt the singer on social media.

She made a post on Instagram, while she was in Jamaica, having the time of her life. It looked like a normal post, if not for the fact that she threw a question, asking ‘where you de’.

Nina’s post from Jamaica.

Nina is an American born socialite, and this make the odds of her speaking pidgin English without reference to Davido very slim.

Also, recall that Davido celebrated his wife Chioma’s birthday in Jamaica less than a week ago.

The fact that she also asked in her caption whether they were in the same city solidified the question as to whether she was referring to Davido.

Nina has been on Davido’s neck since 2023, and almost every time he trends online, she airs her opinion on it.

It contradicts her apology from 2023, and the series of posts she has made, claiming to be unbothered.

Nina and Davido’s drama has been messy, with allegations from her, claiming to be pregnant for him.

She also alleged that the singer and his brother tried to get her to get rid of the baby, but she was adamant on keeping it.

Nina shared videos of herself, seemingly pregnant, and she flaunted the baby bump quite a number of times.

For some reason, Nina’s baby bump has been nowhere to be found for a few months now, but that hasn’t stopped her from talking about Davido.

Nina isn’t the only one that has made Davido trend for cheating because not too long ago, another American influencer by the name Gorgeous Doll made him trend.

Gorgeous Doll had claimed that her friend leaked the video Davido kneeling and begging, and that it wasn’t her intention for the video to go public.

There was also a picture of Davido hugging Gorgeous Doll from behind that went viral, and she took accountability for it.

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