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‘Whatever happens between Mercy Aigbe and my husband is none of my business’, Lanre Gentry’s new wife knocks online inlaw



Lanre Gentry

Busayo Gentry, the new wife to Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband Lanre Gentry has knocked an inquisitive troll expressing concern over her husband’s interference with issues regarding the actress.

Since Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry parted ways, the duo is always at loggerheads on father’s day celebrations.

Lanre Gentry also reacted to the wide speculations that Mercy Aigbe snatched Kazim Adeoti from his wife Funsho Adeoti, granting interviews and sharing his side of the story.

However, many Nigerians frowned at Lanre Gentry’s interference with Mercy Aigbe’s issues, especially as he is now married to another lady.

An Instagram user stormed the comment section of Busayo Gentry, saying that her husband Lanre Gentry is still in love with Mercy Aigbe.

The lady opined that marrying his new wife was enough for Lanre Gentry to rest on Mercy Aigbe’s case than treating every topic concerning her.

Responding, Busayo Gentry said whatever happens between her husband and Mercy Aigbe is non of her business because that was a family before hers, and they never existed to her.

Lanre Gentry’s new wife Busayo added she is channelling her energy on profitable things; besides, she’s still more obsessed with her new baby than what is happening with another person’s life.

talk2jluv wrote: Your husband is still in love with Mercy that is why he is pain… if not marrying you is enough for him to rest on Mercy case… But every topic about mercy he must treat it. Mercy don’t even give a fuck about him…

Busayo Gentry wrote: Whatever happens between them, then and now is basically non of my business, that was a family before mine and they never existed to me, I channel my energy on profitable things beside am still obsessed with my new human than watch what’s happening with another life irrespective of whoever the person is peace.