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“What did we do to deserve you?” – Enioluwa hails Hilda’s cooking prowess

Popular media influencer Enioluwa has recently taken to the Xplatform to hail his close friend and Guinness World Record holder Hilda Baci’s cooking prowess.

He expressed that disregarding internet buzz and content, his friend Hilda can cook. He further went on to narrate how sometimes he would walk into Hilda’s house and he would just see her cooking pounded yam and nigushi soup with small chops, and sometimes she does this thing for no occasion.

He went on to question what he did to deserve a friend like her while stating his love for her forever. In his words, he had this to say,

“Forget internet buzz and content. Hilda can

COOK. Oluwa 0000000

You can walk into Hilda’s house, and she is cooking Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup with Small chops for starters and Lasgna for dessert.

You’ll be like what’s the occasion? but it’s just a normal Wednesday afternoon.

What did we do to deserve you, my friend? I love you 4L.”

Let us also recall that Enioluwa had, back in April of 2024, come out to express his opinion on social media.

He revealed that he was so scared of the effect of social media on people, and that people are so fixated on posting things and making a video, instead of reasoning first and thinking of the next line of action.

Netizens believe that this is because of the strong controversy on social media which involved him in a nude video. However, the real people involved in the video came out to debunk claims that Enioluwa was the person in the video.

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