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What Beverly Naya said about Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

beverly naya

Actress Beverly Naya has reacted to the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa which is affecting mostly Nigerians.

In an Instagram post she shared, Beverly Naya advised everyone to speak up against the attacks which she believes is only affecting fellow humans.

She also advised against focusing on those who are not lending their voice against the attacks.

Sharing a screenshot showing a post by South African comedian Trevor Noah, she wrote:

”Enough is enough! Other Africans are not your enemies! The second you realise that we are one, the better for the continent. This is devastating! 
Ps. EVERYONE needs to speak up…YES, that includes you! Spend less time paying attention to who is/isn’t speaking up and more time ACTUALLY SPEAKING UP! Every voice counts…even those with less than a thousand followers! Don’t be a hypocrite! 

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