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What Alibaba said about Buhari’s silence on xenophobic attacks in South Africa

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Comedian Alibaba has reacted to the xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa by calling out President Buhari for his silence on the issue.

In a post on IG, Alibaba stated that Buhari’s silence is not surprising because he’s known to act in the same manner when killings happen in Nigeria.

Alibaba wrote:

”Most times, some people just read the news hear the news, and do not know the undercurrents of the news. Many do not know the interconnections of the nexus of any news they hear. 
Shebi they say I’m a comedian… Ok. Let our president pull some strings, that South African President, who has not been able to stop the 
#xenophobic craze, will be made by those who own the big South African businesses in Nigeria, to come down, in less than 2 weeks. 
But when we have a President that can not take decisive action when people are being killed like flies in his country, what will he say when it happens outside Nigeria?

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