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‘We were told it has to be CS’ Actress Mary Njoku recounts birth experience as son clocks 8

mary njoku n son

Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has taken to social media to celebrate her son, Jason Obinna Njoku, who just clocked 8.

Sharing her childbirth experience, she recalled the doctor informed her in the labour room that she has to go through a surgical delivery which is the caesarian section, because he was hanging on the umbilical cord, willing to embark through his legs.

Mary was scared but was later fine after the doctor’s assurance of the outcome of the delivery. On the other hand, her mom switched to prayer mode and was quoting lines from the bible.

The mother of three wrote:
At this time, exactly 8yrs ago, I was in labor. Lying down on a hospital bed, waiting impatiently for this special son of mine.
He was hanging on to the umbilical cord, prepared to come out with his legs. I guess his Igbo head was too big…..😊😊😊.

We were told it had to be a CS.
@jasonnjoku was fine. I was scared.
My mum entered prayer mode, Quoting the ‘Hebrew’ woman line from the Bible. The good doctor re-asured us that it’s the safest way to birth. And it is.

The smile you wear when you know Mary &Jason Njoku are your parents

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