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“We used to be cool” – Stefflondon on how Burnaboy affected her relationship with Jada Kingdom

Stefflondon talks about how Burnaboy affected her relationship with Jada Kingdom.

In a recent interview, Burnaboy’s ex-girlfriend Stefflondon had a candid moment, where she shared a little light on her relationship with her arch nemesis Jada Kingdom.

Stefflondon said that before the whole Burnaboy saga, she was cool with Jada Kingdom, and they even hung out on a couple of occasions.

She stated that at some point, she was even meant to be a song with Jada Kingdom, but there was a bit of a misunderstanding with the producer, so they didn’t work together.

Stefflondon said that she wishes Jada Kingdom well, and that she thinks she’s a good rapper that is doing well in her career.

It can be clearly inferred from this interview that there was no beef between Stefflondon and Jada Kingdom, until Burnaboy came into the picture.

The tone in which Stefflondon used to talk about Jada Kingdom is the direct opposite of how she spoke about her in January 2024.

Stefflondon literally released a diss song, calling Jada Kingdom out for allegedly sleeping with Burnaboy while they were still dating.

The diss song clearly wasn’t enough, as Stefflondon made an obituary poster with Jada Kingdom’s face on it.

Jada Kingdom threw a few punches back, shading Stefflondon, but she denied having anything to do with Burnaboy, even though there were pictures of them together, with rumors that he even bought her a Birkin bag.

This whole drama was said to have originated from one of Burnaboy’s songs, where he made reference to Jada Kingdom, and it clearly didn’t sit well with Stefflondon.

Burnaboy and Stefflondon have been in a rollercoaster relationship for years now, and they constantly keep shippers guessing whether they’re together or not.

Burnaboy and Stefflondon on a red carpet 2020.

One minute Stefflondon is shading Burnaboy on her status, and the next minute, she’s in Ghana cozying up with the singer like nothing happened.

Burnaboy and Stefflondon in Ghana 2020.
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