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‘We reject him from head to bottom’ Reactions as Toyin Abraham declares Tinubu incoming president

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Once again, mixed reactions have trailed the post of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham-Ajewole after she declared APC’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the incoming president of Nigeria.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page to celebrate as she finally meets Tinubu whom she has been canvassing for lately. While noting that he shared his ideas and visions with her, Toyin also declared him as the incoming president.

Toyin Abraham’s fans who are not pleased with her choice of candidate have taken to her comment section to call her out. While some of them asked that she shares the ideas and vision of Tinubu with them since they can’t recall him revealing it during any of his rallies, others slammed Toyin for supporting a candidate who they believe has nothing to offer.

Comedian Xtrem wrote: “He can’t come before Nigerians to share his visions & ideas but he tells people one on one… Very very insightful.”

Miss Omah wrote: “WE reject him from head to bottom”

Samuel Olorode wrote: “Why not share those ideas here instead of fake making what is not real ….. u better face your career madam”

Simion delight wrote: “Since he shared his visions and strategies with you maybe you should tell us because since he started his campaign i never hear any better visions and strategies 😏”

Mznekky wrote: “Ideas and strategies wey he no fit tell us for national TV?”

Ayomide Adewunmi wrote: “Your conscience must be really dead, weren’t you one of those who set up ring lights and cameras in 2020 crying when our youths were slaughtered like goats by this same administration? If one of your own was a victim, would your conscience still be clear? May posterity remember this cowardly act of yours.”

Jay Kolie wrote: “He told you nothing madam plus this is not the first time you’re meeting him, just shut up abeg”

GCFR wrote: “You met him for the first time and he shared his ideas with you that he couldn’t say in all his rallies ????”

Joyce wrote: “I wonder what he shared with you that he has not been able to share with us for us to understand his vision for nigeria”

Fa8accesories wrote: “How come we don’t understand his speech and you understood him perfectly”

Kami Dynasty wrote: “Why won’t he be your choice, your future and that o your children are already secured so I no blame you. Humanity is indeed gone. Same masses who support your hustle and enrich your pocket is the same ppl you didn’t think twice about before making your choice.”

Olarewaju wrote; “Hope tinubu remember your Name sha ? Be sincere ooooo which challenge or vision pls let’s hear some of the solutions. He debates but he share with you only solutions & challenges okay 👍 ooooo”

Peace wrote: “So he hadn’t shared his visions and strategies with you before endorsing him? Which means you endorsed him out of greed, your own gain.”

Mabel wrote: “You would have declared your support for asiwaju during ijakumo premiere nah lets see if people would have watched it”

Faith wrote: “But you said you won’t campaign for him that he is only your choice? But now see yourself outside. You should be ashamed of a man that can’t tell the whole Nigeria what he wants to do for them….I remember he said we will use odun mejo (8 years) in school. It is well o”

Sean Stars wrote: “Why would anyone in their right senses not boycott this lady after this? Why watch her films? If you consciously root for someone who is so corrupt, part of the problem of and the reason the youth staged the #endsars protest in 2020 and some lost their lives…do you know who owns the 2 Toll Gates on Lekki and the best properties in Lagos? Every contract in Lagos cannot be approved without his consent. He is still eating deep into Lagos since twenty-some years. Moreover he is too old. We all can see that..after this hardship of the nigerian people??? If you cannot use your influence for the common good of the millions of your followers, what good are you to them?All this just for personal gains? Disgusting!!!”

Toyin Abraham reacts to news of her demise

A few weeks back, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page to debunk news of her demise after a vlogger inscribed a “R.I.P” on Toyin Abraham’s photo.

Sharing a screenshot of the post on her verified Instagram page, Toyin Abraham decried the level of bullying since she announced her support for the All Progressive’s Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

She wrote: It is no more Democracy if you don’t allow people to make their decision freely. Everyone can not see things from your own angle ONLY.

Bullying, harassing and threatening people’s life because they disagree with you on personal choice shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

Why would anyone put this out there? Why? Why should anyone wish others bad because they made a different choice? Why?

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