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“We have zero faith in INEC” Lala Akindoju urges Nigerians to stay strong despite disappointment with election

"We have zero faith in INEC" Lala Akindoju urges Nigerians to stay strong despite disappointment with election

In the wake of the presidential election in Nigeria, actress and activist Lala Akindoju has penned a message to her fellow citizens, acknowledging the feelings of despair and discouragement that may follow what she called a “sham” of an election.

Despite the lack of faith in the electoral process, Akindoju implores young Nigerians to stay strong and continue the fight for a better future.

She also implored Nigerians to go out and vote for the Gubernatorial election as the future depends on it.

Her Lengthy post

She wrote: When a sham of an election is upheld and those in authority appear to publicly act like it is the norm and should not be questioned, feelings of despair and discouragement are very normal.
The discrepancies and failings of INEC should be documented and whatever legal things that can be done should be done…even if it is for the record. Many Nigerians across the country didn’t get to vote and many are now more disillusioned than ever, because its almost impossible to believe that Nigeria hasn’t grown past this.
That being said….I really want us not to give up. Especially young Nigerians..the journey to the Nigeria of our dreams has begun. We are in a battle for the soul of our nation and these battles are not won in a year or two or three.

We have to continue speaking up, engaging government, fighting for what is right, building capacity, building a critical mass of like minds and most importantly, holding our leaders accountable.
I know many fear for their lives and may just not find the strength to go vote on the 11th of March. We have zero faith in INEC or that our current leaders care for the safety of the citizens. But, if you have your PVC and you are in Nigeria, please go vote and let us keep exercising our rights from the office of the citizen. We have to refuse to silenced.
In a democracy, it has to be about the people and Nigeria will get there.
Nigeria will survive.
Nigeria will win.

‘Govt does not care about the lives of Nigerians’ – Lala Akindoju laments over fuel station opened near residential houses

Kemi Filani recalls that sometime last year, 2022, Kemi Lala Akindoju called out Lagos state government for its nonchalant attitude towards the pains of the masses.

The quite outspoken movie star via her Twitter page lamented over the inability of residents of a certain area in Lagos to move in and out of their respective homes due to queues on filling station.

She also wondered why some Nigerians are willing to vote in same nonchalant government in 2023.

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