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We are not aware of petition by Busola Dakolo – Police

The Nigerian Police Force have stated that they are not aware of any petitioned filed before them by Busola Dakolo against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Recall that yesterday, during a world press conference held by singer Timi Dakolo, it was revealed that his wife Busola Dakolo had filed a petition before a Lagos State police station just a day before her explosive interview which accuses Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape.

Shortly before the world press conference held, Timi Dakolo raised an alarm stating that there were some armed men in front of the gate to his house in Lagos. It was later discovered that the men were police officers who were at his house to deliver a letter from the police inviting him and his wife to their station in Abuja.

Timi Dakolo, however, wondered why he and his wife were being invited when the petition they files against the COZA pastor was yet to be attended to.

In an interview with The Nation, a police officer at the force headquarters in Abuja revealed that the force are not aware of any petition filed by Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola Dakolo.

“We are not aware that she wrote any letter. If she tells us that the matter was already reported at Alagbon, we will confirm it and take up the matter from there but as it stands now, we are not aware of that.

“We are also not aware that the case is in court. We treated the first petition that came to us and what we did was just to invite; and the invitation is optional. If she likes, she can refuse to honour it or not and according to our men who were on ground yesterday, she said she will honour the invitation on Wednesday.

“We gave a date and she said the date was not convenient and she chose another date. If it is by force, will she give date?” he said.

Giving reasons why the letter was issued, he said: “We wrote because there was complaint and anybody who complains, constitutionally, we have the right to invite. It is left for the invited person to come or not.

“I don’t see the reason for making so much noise about this at all. I am not saying the matter at hand is not serious but I feel there are other important issues that need our attention as a nation. It is merely an invitation; it is not as if our operatives killed anybody.

Speaking on why the police officers drove a bus to Dakolo’s house to deliver a letter, he said: “The operatives were from Abuja. We do not expect them to go on foot. Going with the bus does not mean anything.”

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