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Watch: Fun moments from Sharon Ooja’s wedding after party

Sharon Ooja’s wedding was an amazing event to witness, but what took the cake was the after party that took place after the reception.

Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives, including the bride and the groom.

Outfits that the bride and groom wore

The bride and the groom stepped into the venue in style, with Sharon Ooja wearing a beaded red dress, paired with silver colored high heels.

Mr Nwoke on the other hand wore a simple black long sleeved shirt, which he paired with black pants.

Beautiful entrance by the bride and groom

What’s a wedding after party without a dramatic entrance. The bride and the groom had a little entourage dance in, complete with costumes, and a man dressed in a space costume.

Following the entourage at the back was Sharon Ooja and husband, and the giddy couple danced in with smiles on their faces.

Bride and groom take over the dancefloor

The Nwoke’s showed their guests how it is done when it comes to couples taking over the dance floor, and they had guests leaving their jaws on the floor with their heated dance moves.

Another heated dance session by the bride and groom

Sharon Ooja took it up a notch, by grinding against her husband, to the mirth of onlookers. Mr Nwoke seemed to the having the time of his life, as his wife rocked against him.

Kunle Remi and his wife on the dance floor

Kunle Remi and his wife Tiwi stepped on the dance floor to step on the necks of single people with their dance moves. Both of them just seemed excited to be there.

Actress Omowunmi Dada and her lookalike Tiwi on the dance floor

Nollywood actress Omowunmi Dada and her lookalike Kunle Remi’s wife Tiwi took to the dance floor, and they had the time of their lives.

Veekee James and her husband slow dance together

Dressed to the nines, the Atere’s took to the dance floor and slow danced their way through the night.

Beautiful bride Sharon vibing with her friends

Many celebrities were in attendance at Sharon Ooja’s wedding, and in this clip, you can see the latest bride having fun with the likes of Enioluwa Adeoluwa and Beverly Osu.

Final dance by wedding guests

The after party was concluded with a fun little coordinated dance off by the guests, alongside the bride and the groom, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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