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“They think they can do whatever they like” Wande Coal gets dragged for allegedly beating up a motorist to a pulp

Twitter user calls out Wande Coal

Nigerian singer, Wande Coal has been called out for gang beating and maltreatment of a motorist.

A Twitter user claimed that his brother was badly beaten because his car was blocking the singer’s car.

He revealed how his brother called him snubbing because the singer and his gang beat him mercilessly.

Sharing what happened, he said that his gang asked him to remove his vehicle so they could move, he obliged and wanted to get his car keys, but as soon as he approached his car to open it, one of them slapped him and another punched him.

He tweeted, “Wo! E no go better for @wandecoal you and your boys will die. All of you. You won’t get away with this. Na where your power end another person own go start. You this piece of shit. Bloody cowards beat up a defenceless person because they think they can do whatever they like”.

“You are a bastard @wandecoal and you won’t get away with what you did to my brother this evening. My elder brother just called me snubbing like a child because you and your gang beat him mercilessly simply because his vehicle was in your way. This bastard and his gang asked my brother to remove his vehicle so they could move, my brother obliged and went to get his car to open it, one of them slapped him, and before he could say anything else, another punched him. Never felt so livid in my entire life. My elder brother called me snubbing like a child. They’d beat hum so bad he was crying so much. Who the fuck do you think you are?? My brother is snubbing with a swollen face and black eye. All because of what??? My brother is the most easy-going person I know. Always avoids trouble, so I’m pretty sure he did absolutely nothing to warrant getting treated like that. Wahali you won’t get away with this @wandecoal”.

The rate at which Nigerian celebrities particularly the artists are been called out for their unruly behaviour is becoming alarming.

Kemi Filani news recalls on Sunday, June 12 Burna Boy was under hot waters as his security team took laws into their hands by shooting two men identified as Irebami Lawrence and one Tolu at Cubana Chief Priest’s club, Club Cubana on Victoria Island, Lagos on Wednesday, June 8.

The singer had made advances to the man’s wife which infuriated him.

A policeman stated that as things got heated, Burna Boy’s police escort brought out his service pistol and shot multiple times while Burna Boy was laughing.

In the process, 27-year-old Lawrence was shot in the thigh while his friend, Tolu was hit in the head by a bullet.

Wande Coal's gang beat up a motorist
Wande Coal's gang beat up a motorist
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