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Waje slams Nigerian men who don’t allow their mothers remarry when their fathers die


Singer Waje has said that some men are selfish for not wanting a woman to get married against after losing her husband.

She stated this in reaction to a debate on why male children don’t like to see their mother get married again after the death of their father.

According to Waje, children should want whatever will make their parents happy even if it requires getting married against after the loss of a spouse.

She wrote: “Some men are selfish, Fathers, brothers, sons etc. When a man loses his wife, he’s advised to marry against because people understand that he has needs. But for women, everyone assumes her needs are her children. Adulthood as taught me to appreciate my mother even more. Those years of being by herself, I secretly wonder how she coped. Children should want nothing but happiness for their parents. If finding someone other than their dad or mum, why not?”

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