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Reason why Nollywood actress showered praises on Iyabo Ojo

Actress Vivian Metchie has showered praises on Iyabo Ojo in an appreciation letter she shared via social media. According to Vivian, the Mother of two stood by her when she was down with an undisclosed illness while other Nollywood friends of hers abandoned her.

Sharing on Instagram, Vivian Metchie wrote:

“I know a few people will be shocked at seeing this. Even me, I can’t believe it. But I took a Raincheck of my life between 2014 till today. Not many of you knew that I was sick and bedridden for a good part of 2014. I reached out to a few of my so-called friends for
None came through. @iyaboojofespris saw me and saw a need. I didn’t have to ask her. She came through, she called on her friends that all chipped in the little they had. Many of you might have different impressions of her.
Even she and I have had our differences. But for those who have ever met her at one point or the other, you will agree that she has lion heart and a kind soul. IY, like I used to call you, you are good people…… Thank you for that year…… Keep being who you are girl.”
In 2014 Vivian’s eleven-year old marriage crashed, living her with four kids to care for. In about the same year Vivian converted from Christianity to Islam, saying, Christianity was too confusing for her.”

Reason why Nollywood actress showered praises on Iyabo Ojo

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Iyabo Ojo

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