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“Don’t bring your issue to the market place” Victoria Inyama warns as she reacts to Chacha Eke’s marital crisis

Victoria Inyama and Chacha Eke Faani

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has reacted to the alleged marital crisis of her junior colleague, Chacha Eke Faani.

Nigerians woke up to the devastating news of the crashed marriage of one of Nigerian’s beloved celebrity couple.

Chacha Eke had left many heartbroken as she announced her split from husband for the second time in two years.

The actress’s struggle with bipolar disorder and alleged domestic violence was believed to have marred the dissolution of her 9 years marriage.

Chacha Eke, in a sad Instagram note, noted that it is either she leaves her marriage alive or leave as a corpse, Chacha Eke disclosed how she had been pretending that all was well while wishing, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow that never came. Read more here.

Chipping in, Victoria Inyama stated that people only move away from reality when they believe that there is a legitimate reason to suffer.

According to her, there is a thin line between life and death, sanity and insanity.

She noted how people’s validation, children, wanting to belong, shame and many more have left many stucked in an abusive marriage.

Victoria advised celebrity not to bring their issue to the market place then tell people to mind their business.

“You move totally away from Reality when you believe that there is a Legitimate reason to suffer….. People validation? Chidlren? Wanting to belong? Shame?.. There’s a thin line between life/death… Sanity/Insanity…Abusers Never Change… They Gaslighting U till U question your sanity. Faking it to prove a point…to who?..Me?…lol….Over the years I noticed the typical Nigerian woman loves trauma…Think she’s the fixer… Marriage is a beautiful union between 2 loving people… Not a Narcissist and a victim… And don’t bring your ‘ish’ to the market place then tell the ‘Mind your Business Tale’….. Life is Good….”.

Victoria Inyama isn’t the only celebrity to weigh in on her marital crisis.

Kemi Filani news recalls Prince Owelle had cried out over her split from husband.

Prince Owelle took to social media to lament, saying that Chacha and her husband were his role models in marriage and that he loved their union so much that he had hoped to be like them and now that they had broken up, he does not know what to do.

Victoria Inyama
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