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“Anytime there is bad news about him, people fuel it” Very Dark Man addresses allegations of Davido’s bodyguard assaulting a man, issues an ultimatum (Video)

Very Dark Man issues Davido's bodyguards an ultimatum

Social media activist, Very Dark Man has finally broken his silence on the viral claims that Davido, through his bodyguards bullied a businessman in Abuja.

Kemi Filani reported earlier that a Nigerian photographer and businessman, Abu Salami had publicly called out the singer for reneging on a contract worth millions.

The businessman claimed to have paid the singer N218 million to influence a football project for kids, which he failed to show up for.

To make matters worse, Davido had refused to refund him his money and had bullied him by sending thugs to him.

He shared a disturbing video of him being beaten up by thugs, which he claimed were sent by the singer.

Addressing the video, Very Dark Man who is friends with Davido, revealed that he has been getting threats by Netizens over the video.

He admitted that the men in the video were indeed Davido’s bodyguards as he chilled with them days back when he met the singer.

However, he doesn’t believe the report making rounds that the guards killed a man, as there is no evidence to back it up.

VDM noted how people love to fuel bad news about the singer and how the entertainment industry especially in Lagos, is filled with envy and jealousy.

Very Dark Man further noted how Nigerians didn’t learn from the death of Mohbad as he pointed out how politicians continue to play us because we don’t ask the right questions.

“I know you all have seen the video claiming Davido and his guards killed a person. A lot of people have tagged me in this video, threatening me to speak out. Those boys in the video are definitely Davido’s bodyguards because we chilled together.

If bad news about Davido comes out, people will be fueling it. People in the music industry especially the Entertainment industry in Lagos don’t like themselves. It is filled with jealousy and envy. In general, the entertainment industry in Lagos is toxic.

If I see any news about Wizkid, Burna Boy, I will look for evidence before speaking on it.

I had vowed any to speak on Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy because they have a community, and no matter the truth you speak, they wouldn’t listen to you. Sentiments have entered them in the name of Fanbase and support.

You guys didn’t learn from Naira Marley.

This why politicians continue to use us cause if we don’t ask the right questions, we will continue to suffer for 100 years to come”.

Very Dark Man issues Davido's bodyguards an ultimatum

Netizens slammed the social activist as they noted how he is shying away from dragging the singer because of their relationship.

One April Bold Chic wrote, “Story for the laugh. Baba just dey drive us around, hit the nail on the head

One Angry of Lagos wrote, “I see what you did there, using brain to divert the issue. They said David owes 218 million which one you’re hitting in ‘he kpai’ person when u know it’s not true?? Speak about the debt, tell him to refund you are just a coward that can be bought. Ewu

One Bja Barbies wrote, “Normally you be Davido’s yansh licker

One Clean International Foundation wrote, “U r under Davido’s payroll. In the next 24 hours, you will go against that guy who posted this. Some of us are smart. Let karma settle this issue cos none of us know the truth

One Snowflake wrote, “This guy na clown!! Iya make sure you sef provide us evidence say Mohbad’s wife sef get hand for him death

One Akuh Dinanwa wrote, “Baba din break. Nigerians are not stup!d

One Wing Ang Mariett wrote, “He is a big pretender but why are people expecting a video from him”.

Some weeks back, Very Dark Man had sent a message to his haters after Davido followed him on Instagram.

The Tiktoker made them know that their opinion of him doesn’t matter anymore as long as he is recognized by Davido, whom he crowns, as the number one Afrobeat artiste in the world.

He went on to share a screenshot of Davido singing his praises.

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