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Very Dark Man faces a week in jail, following court arraignment for alleging that Bobrisky pimps young boys to Police officers

Very Dark Man issues PSA to influencers.

Social media activist Very Dark Man is currently looking at a week in prison, following his arraignment in court.

From the video obtained from the court, the charges read against Very Dark Man included the allegations that he had stated that Bobrisky is giving young boys to senior Police officers to sleep with.

Recall that Very Dark Man had been to jail about a month ago, regarding a similar issue. He had said that senior Police officers are gay, and that Bobrisky was sleeping with top law makers.

While the rationale behind his latest arraignment may not the same with the last one, it still carries similar properties, with insinuation that senior Police officers are gay, and Bobrisky’s name was mentioned.

On the other hand, Bobrisky is still serving his six month jail term for Naira mutilation, after a video of him spraying money at a party went viral.

Very Dark Man was one of the top advocates for Bobrisky’s arrest. He even went as far as writing a petition against Bobrisky, stating that the latter was committing amorous acts with his fellow men on social media.

The rift between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky has been ongoing for a hot minute. When Very Dark Man was arrested, Bobrisky openly jubilated, and when Bobrisky himself was arrested, Very Dark Man also celebrated.

In analyzing the beginning of this beef, it still brings us back to the facts of this case that caused Very Dark Man to be arraigned.

The controversial activist has said Bobrisky was sleeping with top law makers, and this clearly didn’t sit well with Bobrisky, who ended up retaliating.

Bobrisky brought out his own allegations against Very Dark Man, claiming that he had access to the activist’s s*x tape. He also claimed that Very Dark Man was being given out for s*x to rich men in Lagos.

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