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Vera Sidika seduced me, I never loved her – Kenyan singer, Otile Brown

Kenyan RnB singer, Otile Brown has stated that he was seduced by curvy socialite Vera Sidika and that he never loved her.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi FM, Otile Brown stated that Vera Sidika played no part in his popularity in the music industry because he had a name before she lured him into a relationship.

There is nothing to hide right now we are not together at the end of the day, she is happy with her guy and I’m doing my own things at the end of the day and kile naweza sema ni kwamba mimi ni msanii ambaye nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla Vera. Sitaki kusema hii and this will sound funny ni swali uliloniuliza so I just have to come clean lazima nijibu ulivyoniuliza. Mimi sikuwahi mtongoza Vera watu hawajui,” said Otile Brown.

He concluded saying that he never loved the socialite but she kept on calling him until he ended in a relationship with her.

Otile Brown - Vera Sidika
Otile Brown – Vera Sidika
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